Free LEGO BATMAN 2 Villain & Hero Packs/DLC!


1) Download the DLC folder that is provided below.
2) Open the folder for the console that you would like to have the DLC on.
3) Insert a USB Flash Drive and drag the DLC file into the root of the drive.
4) Disconnect the USB and plug back into your console.
5) Now go into your storage and move the DLC onto your main Xbox HDD. (Or keep it on your USB if that’s what you use instead.)
6) Sign out and back into Xbox LIVE (If you were already connected). You must do this for the DLC to be “enabled” onto your profile.
7) You’re DONE!

Just some common FAQ:

Q- Do I need to be connected to Xbox Live in order to use the DLC?
A- Yes! You must be connected to LIVE in order for the DLC to work properly.

Q- Will this get me suspended/banned from Xbox LIVE?
A- No! There’s absolutely no way for them to find out you even have the DLC. You’re account is perfectly fine with the DLC on your Xbox HDD.

Q- I don’t have a USB Flash DRIVE, is there anything else that I can use?
A- Yes, you can use a Microsoft Transfer Cable to connect your HDD to your computer and transfer the DLC.

Q- Will this work for all accounts on my Xbox 360?
A- Simple answer, yes.

Q- Can I still unlock achievements with the DLC?
A- Yes!


DOWNLOADS~ Click on the pack to download!


Villain Pack


Heroes Pack