Free Madden NFL 13 Online Pass! [TUTORIAL]


1) Download the folder from the link provided below.

2) Open the Xbox 360 or PS3 folder (Whichever console you want the online pass, obviously)

3) Now you will see two different files. One labeled “Online Pass”, and the other one labeled “Tut”.
This is the same tutorial that you see now but I have included it in there just incase you leave the website.

4) Open the “Online Pass” file.

5) At the top of the program, select “Open Pass”.

6) Now you will see a Generate button and a thanks button. Click on Generate a few times to get your online pass.

*You will need to click on it several times for it to recognize. I will hopefully fix that in a later update.

That’s it! Just copy the code and redeem it on your Xbox 360 or Ps3 in order to get the pass.

Remember to SIGN OUT and BACK INTO online in order for the pass to take effect.

Several things to note:

– You will not get banned for using these! These are real codes.
– Remember to press Generate a few times.
– Remember to SIGN OUT and back into online.
– If the program is not opening for you – right click on it and “Run as Admin”.

That’s all you need! There is a donate button in the program if you would like to thank me for giving you these.



Xbox 360 PS3

These codes are supplied by ME, and ME only! The least you can do is complete a two minute survey to help me out. It also helps prevent leeching assholes.