Grand Theft Auto V 5 Single Player Mod Tool for Xbox 360 & PS3



Welcome to my Grand theft Auto 5 Save Editor Mod Tool which works for both the Xbox 360 and PS3! This mod tool that I will be providing you guys with today will only work for the Single Player portion of the game, and will allow you to modify the amount of ammo, money, and health for each character in your game. This is very simple as of now, but will be updated with more mods as soon as I can.

Preview of the tool:


Download Instructions + Tutorial

1: Download the “GTA V Mod Tool” below by clicking on the download button.

2: Once downloaded, open the GTA V Mod folder and then proceed to open up the program inside.

3: Once the program is opened, select which console you would like to mod on and click continue.

4: Open the saved game and select which mods that you would like to have on that save.

5: Once finished, click on the save button in the top left corner and then close the program.

6: Place your USB back into your console and start the game.

You’re done! You should already notice the mods working once the save loads for the first time. If you don’t notice any changes, simply sign out of your profile and sign back into it.

If you have any problems with the mods then feel free to message me or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.




Before you will be allowed to use this program, you will need to complete a short survey. These surveys are free, and very easy to complete. Completing these surveys is basically a “Thank You” to me for releasing this program for free. If you’re having trouble completing the surveys, please go to the website below and use the information to complete the survey.