How To Mod Grand Theft Auto V (5) Online Mods for Xbox 360 and Ps3

Preview of the tool:

gta online

1: Download the “GTA V Online Mod Tool” below by clicking on the download button.

2: Once downloaded, open the GTA V Online Mod folder and then proceed to open up the program inside.

3: Once the program is opened, select which console you would like to mod on and click continue.

4: Open the saved game and select which mods that you would like to have on that save.

5: Once finished, click save and close the program.

6: Place your USB back into your console and start the game.

Load up your GTA Online character and you should notice the mods immediately. These will work for how long you want them to. If you would like to disable a mod then all you need to do it dashboard, then reload the game. Money and XP will stay forever.





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