Madden 25 (2025) Ultimate Team Coin Hack/Mod + Tutorial



Firstly, this program was designed to work for both the Xbox 360 AND PS3. You will NOT have to enter in your personal information in order to use this; the only thing you will need to enter is your Gamertag or PSN handle.

What this program does:

This program will add coins into your Ultimate Team for you to spend on packs and in the Auction House. There is no restriction on how many coins you will be able to add, so make it rain! This is a simple loophole that EA has in the game and we here at Yourcheats have found a way to exploit it and share it for the community to use.


1: Download the Ultimate Team Coin Adder from the download link below the tutorial.

2: Open the folder titled “Madden Ultimate Team” and open the program inside.

3: Before anything, make sure you are signed OFF of the XBL/PSN account that you would like to add the coins to. You could do it while still signed in, but you will need to sign out and back in in order for the coins to appear on your account.

4: With the program opened, click on the “Add Coins” tab.

5: Select the console of your preference and enter in your GT/PSN.

6: All done! The coins may take up to an hour to appear but they are usually added within minutes.

And that’s it! There’s a DONATE option inside the program if you would like to help me out. It’s just a simple thanks for providing this program and I would greatly appreciate it.

NOTE: There are a few limitations that I have set when using this program.

1: You will only be able to add 50k coins per hour / max of 200k a day. These are for your own account’s safety only.





Before you will be allowed to use this program, you will need to complete a short survey. These surveys are free, and very easy to complete. Completing these surveys is basically a “Thank You” to me for releasing this program for free. If you’re having trouble completing the surveys, please go to the website below and use the information to complete the survey.