NBA 2k MyTeam Mobile (MyNBA2k14) Credits Hacks/Cheat for All Devices


With this program you will be able to modify the amount of credits that you have in the game. With these credits you can buy all the packs you want in order to get loads of legendary and epic player cards.

1) Download the program below.

2) Open MyNBA2k14 from the folder that you downloaded and run it.

3) Type in your IN-GAME NAME in the box inside the program along with YOUR RECORD! (This is just to locate which player you are in the game)

4) Now type in how many credits you would like to have. The max is 10k at one time. The game doesn’t work properly if you go over that limit and you may have to uninstall your game if you go over.

5) That’s it! Have fun and say screw microtransactions!