NBA 2K14 VC Mod Tool – How to Mod VC in NBA 2k14 for Xbox One and PS4 (Works Online)


Welcome to my mod editor for 2k’s newest installment in the NBA 2k series, NBA 2k14. This modding tool will allow you to modify the amount of VC (Coins, Money) you have in the game. VC can be used to purchase upgrades, myTEAM players and packs, and other miscellaneous items in the game. This will work for Xbox 360 and PS3, and also on the next gen consoles such as the X1 and PS4.



Step 1: Download the NBA 2k14 Mod Tool from the download below the tutorial.

Step 2: Open your Xbox One or PS4 save into the program and you’ll notice your current amount of VC show up in the box below.

Step 3: Type in how much VC you would like to add in your account in the box below your current VC. I recommend not adding that much if you want your account to be safe. 10k every few hours would be safe, but adding 999999 could risk a ban.

Step 4: Once you’re satisfied click on the Save button.

Step 5: Put your save back onto your Xbox  or PS4 and you’re all done.

Step 6: Key step. Make sure you SIGN OUT and then back in to XBL or PSN in order to see the modded VC show up.